Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion

Training livery

I feel strongly that the tenets of classical riding are imperative and pure, and there is no moving forward without conscientious attention paid to all that has been learned and proven in horsemanship’s past. However, move forward we must, with the intent of achieving something better in the decades ahead and a common goal of alleviating the prevalence of pain, anxiety, and depression in the wonderful, talented sport horses with whom we are so lucky to pursue our dreams.

Linda Tellington Jones

Training and schooling with a happy athlete

The early training of horse builds the base for its future. We take this responsibilty seriously and make sure that every horse is looked after like it is one of our own. It is made sure that each horse gets a schedule tailored to its abilities and to bring out the best. Trust and respect are essential during daily training of the young horse to build up their confidence. All horses get a variety in their daily work that besides riding also include hacking, lunging, long reining, or the training on our treadmill. Daily turn out all year around and ad libitum hay or haylage is a matter of course.

We work closely together with our vets, dentists, physiotherapists and chiropracters to make sure your horse gets the best of everything if needed and desired by you. We are happy to provide you with regular updates including videos about the training progress of your horse.

We offer:

  • 178 acres of well-kept pasture
  • Horse-Gym 2000 Treadmill
  • Well drained winter turn-out
  • Backing of young horses
  • Preparation for the mare-performance-test
  • Preparation and presentation of young stallions at the stallion licensing
  • Presentation at competitions and championships
  • In-house fodder-production
  • Modern stables including washing down areas and solarium
  • Indoor-arena 20m x 40m and indoor-arena 20m x 60m comprising generous spectator’s area
  • Dressage square 20m x 60m on the shore of Lake Schmark
  • Extensive hacking on Hohenschmark’s own grounds
  • Cross country course with fixed fences
  • Marketing of quality horses

Youngstock livery

The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit, and fire.

Sharon Ralls Lemon

Light, air, exercise and lots of zest for life

Only the best is good enough for your “partner” horse. Growing up under perfect circumstances in the extensive hilly fields at Gestüt Hohenschmark gives your horse the perfect start in life. Every individual horse is in focus here and well looked after. The proximity to the Baltic sea, 178 acres of well-kept pasture, modern stables with winter turnout areas offer the perfect surroundings for the kindergarten time of your horse.

Daily checks, individual feed, regular worming and farrier appointments are a matter of course when the youngsters spend the summer out in the fields, surrounding the stud. During winter time the horses are stabled in big group stables with access to allweather paddocks. We produce our own hay and haylage of the highest quality.

The communication with the owners is very important to us and you will be regularly updated. We also provide you with videos and photos in case you are not able to come and see your youngster regularly.

We offer:

  • Youngstock livery for colts and fillies
  • Preparation of colts for licensing
  • Preparation of fillies for performance tests and mare shows

Broodmare livery

Through their eyes, love is infinite.


Honour to whom honour is due. Broodmare livery with optimum care and management

Broodmares are the pillars of our stud and their optimal care and management has the utmost priority. Our separate broodmare barn has big individual stables with windows and access to an all-weather turn-out and the adjoining fields. Our care package includes high-quality feed, regular visits from the farrier and we also make sure that every mare gets her regular dental checks and is up to date with her vaccination as well as worming. We work closely together with our vets for fertility management of the mares and they remain in their care, once in-foal. Every foal is eagerly awaited and we do everything for their perfect start in life. The mares are closely monitored and we are present at every birth in case help is needed. We spend a lot of time with the foals so that they learn the foal-ABC quickly and they also benefit from our sophisticated feeding and health management from the minute they are born.

We are more then happy to provide you with videos and photos of your mare and foal. We also assist with marketing of your foal in case a sale is desired.

We offer:

  • seperate broodmare stable with 20 stables and examination room
  • Fertility management of yourmare
  • Foaling
  • Youngstock livery
  • Marketing of your foal for sale